Converting and Imposing meta data

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From PDF, XML to Media Neutral Format and imposing Semantic tagging taxonomy on the content and comply to IPTC standards to find in the content big data the needle in the hay-stack. Or map the meta data in de XML in a structure that complies to your content data standard. Quality assurance is assured by respecting the guidelines of IPTC, Prism, Mets/Alto standard sets.


Aggregators like ANP, Blendle, Lexix Nexis … love to get the newspapers and magazines in their import format. Seamless processing will be guaranteed and if those aggregators change the data format. Graphicart will change the output XML to the new data requirements and include this as a service in our conversion costs for output channels.

Enrich content will be very useful to improve a full text search into a single shot search and avoid wasting time to find what you want. Imposing meta data for content enabling will improve efficient disclosure of your content.